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ShedWorld Garden Sheds are ideal for storage of garden tools and equipment, or as a handy place to stow unwanted household clutter.

Our Garden Sheds are available in four different timber finishes, with prices and styles to suit all budgets and personal tastes.

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The graphic above represents a standard 8ft x 6ft garden shed and is provided for example and illustrational purposes only. Size, features and colour of your garden shed may vary from the graphic shown.

8x6 Rustic Standard Garden Shed with a Mineral Felt Roof.

Price: € 420.00 inc VAT

General Details:

All ShedWorld timber sheds are offered with breathable membrane felt lining as standard. Breathable felt helps to prevent mould or mildew from damaging the timbers of the shed, while at the same time allowing the timbers to dry out without warping after a heavy rain. ShedWorld sheds are constructed with strong and sturdy 50mmx35mm framework, far stronger than the 25mx25mm, the current market standard. Additionally, the felt used in our standard roofing is 40kg grade, which is again heavier and stronger than the current market standard for garden sheds.

The options on this page can be used to browse our range of garden sheds, all of which offer a raft of standard features which set them apart from other garden sheds available on the market today.

The image above shows a side by side comparisson between the 3 most commonly confused shed designs. Click the image for more information.

Standard designs for all of our timber sheds include one single sized timber door located on the gable or apex end of the shed, with an option for a single, non-opening perspex window on either one long side. Alternatively, any Garden Shed can be ordered 'Cottage Style'. Cottage Style sheds are a variation of the standard shed design whic, for a small additional cost, are built with extra tall side walls, tall enough to accomodate placement of the doorway onto the long side of the shed. Windows either side of the door gives the interior of the Cottage Style Shed a light, airy feel.

Customisations to this design, for both Standard and Cottage Style sheds, can be arranged by contacting ShedWorld Garden Products, cost of shed will be affected by any customisation. ShedWorld reserves the right to alter or modify this standard shed design at any time without notice.

ShedWorld Garden Sheds are available, delivered and erected, throughout Ireland. With years of experience, our highly trained staff can erect a standard garden shed in your garden in less than 1 hour.

Custom Sheds:

The images below are a selection of the non-standard garden sheds that ShedWorld has supplied to customers over the last 12 months. It is ShedWorld's goal never to refuse to meet our customers' wishes or needs. Our expert fabrication staff are always willing to work with our customers to produce the shed they require, regardless of the design.

Aside from fabricating custom structures and designs for our customers, ShedWorld can also upgrade the standard door and window options for our garden sheds to include high quality, reinforced, double glazed uPVC doors and windows. Normally fitted to our range of Concrete Buildings, uPVC doors and windows are the perfect compliment for any shed that is to be used as a work or leisure space rather than simple storage. Additionally, ShedWorld can fully insulate and kit out any shed, turning it into an extra room, ideal for use as a playroom, home office or home gymnasium. For more information on and sample pictures of the internal finishs that ShedWorld can offer, please browse our Pre-Cast home's page.

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Choose Timber:
Rustic TnG TnGtan Barrelboard

Selection Details

Timber: Rustic

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Construction Method: Overlap

Treatment: 1 year timber paint

Timber Thickness: 12mm approx

Our entry level timber selection. Rustic timber sheds are comprised of all native larch and spruce timber, hand picked by our expert crafstmen to ensure the best quality. 12mm (approx), rough finished Rustic boards overlap on the outside of the shed, giving a raw, natural look.

Rustic sheds are sold pre-treated with standard outdoor timber treatment, which is good for approximately one year, after which you will have to repaint your shed approximately every 12 months. Timber treatment paint is available from all good hardware stores in a range of colours to suit your taste. If you desire a more low maintenance option, then feel free to browse our Tongued and Grooved, Tanillized or Barrel Board timber options.

Choose Roof:
Felt Onduline

Selection Details

Roof Type: Felt Roof


Effective weatherproof barrier

Standard roofing option

Standard roofing on all our timber sheds uses 40kg nail on mineral felt. This felt, which is heavier than the current industry standards for garden sheds, provides an efficient, cost effective weather barrier for your garden shed, keeping your vaulables safe and protected for many years.


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